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Mental Health Life Lessons I've Learned from My Mom

Whenever I have exciting news to share, or I'm feeling anxious or blue, my mother is one of the first people I call. Few days go by when I don't talk to my mom. She's always there to celebrate my wins, cheer me on through my struggles and lend extra support when needed. I'm forever grateful for our close relationship and for her constant guidance in life.

I'm pretty sure my mom knows more than Google, and I always find myself turning to her for answers to all my questions. From how to make the world's most delicious risotto to how to navigate a toxic co-worker I'm continually learning so much from her. So, in honor of Mother's Day, I'm sharing some of the top mental health life lessons my mom has taught me.

Good Mental Health is a Life Long Journey

A pretty amazing thing about my mom is that she is super open with me about her own life and every up and down that comes with it. If she's feeling anxious about something at work, she will call and talk it through with me, and if she makes time to prioritize her mental health during a busy week, she will make sure to remind me how great it felt. Because of her willingness to be vulnerable and open with her emotions, I've learned a valuable lesson- good mental health is not something we master at any particular age. Instead, it's a lifelong journey.

My mom has served as my role model for how to grow and work towards better mental health. She continually reminds me that she's not immune to making mental health mistakes and that prioritizing her mental health is still something she has to work on. I am grateful that she is willing to be so open about her good and the bad mental health moments because it's taught me that I will need to continue to work on my mental health for the rest of my life.

It's essential to take time to rest

In a world that is all about the hustle, it's hard to find time to slow down and give your body and mind a chance to recover. My mom has always emphasized the importance of taking some time to rest and recuperate, even in environments that praise busy. On top of being the first person always to tell me to take a break I'm in the middle of a mental health low, she also makes sure to practice what she preaches.

My mom is one of the busiest people I know, but despite her crazy schedule, she always finds time to slow down and unwind. Thanks to her, I've learned that to give the world my best self, I have to take some time to rest. I'm grateful for the example that she sets for me and the fact that she's always encouraging me to indulge in a Friends marathon, even if everything else out there says I should glorify the busy culture.

Poor mental health impacts the body.

Story time- When I was a young kid, I had a problem with throwing up any time I was super anxious. I remember a time when I ran into my mom's bedroom because I was feeling sick to my stomach, but instead of taking me to the bathroom, she had me lie down on the floor and take ten super slow deep breaths. Like crazy voodoo mom magic, my stomach felt better. My mom had made the connection between my stomach issues and my stress and helped me focus on breathing to cope with all the anxiety.

It didn't stop there. My mom is always reminding me how much stress can have an impact on the body. Rash all over my body- probably stress. Inability to focus- probably stress. Sure there are plenty of legitimate illnesses out there, but I'm grateful that my mom taught about the physical symptoms of poor mental health at such a young age. It helped me listen to my body and pay more attention to my mental well being.

My mom has been one of my rocks through pretty much every mental health meltdown. She’s sat through countless crying phone calls, she’s listened to my long-winded rants and she has comforted me through some of my darkest moments. Her support means the world to me, but what I treasure most, is the example she sets and the wisdom she shares. I’m so grateful for a mother who understands the importance of mental health and demonstrates the value in her own life. My mom’s willingness to share her own mental health journey has allowed me to learn so much and it inspires, me daily. Thanks for teaching me so many mental health life lessons, Mom!


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