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Hi! I'm Whitney

I am so glad you are here! I’m a wine enthusiast, coffee lover, mental health advocate and Texas native living in D.C.

I had my first panic attack at 23-years-old, following a big meeting at work. The whole experience freaked the heck out of me, and I wanted to know how other women were handling the stress and chaos of their own lives. I turned to all my favorite bloggers for answers, but they seemed to have their whole life together, and I suddenly felt like I was the only one struggling

I created Cup of Chaos because we should never feel alone. We are all trying to figure out this whole life thing as we go. So why not talk more about the struggles and the crappy moments along with all the beautiful parts? That is precisely what I am setting out to do!


Whether you are dealing with your own mental illness or the daily stresses that come with life, I hope you find this blog helpful (or at

least entertaining).


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