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New Recipes to Try this Week

I have no doubt that my stomach and my mental wellness are directly tied together. I was hangry before it was trendy, I have been known to get into a funk when I’m in a recipe rut and one of my favorite self-care acts is coming up a delicious dinner.

Below, I am sharing some of my favorite recipes to cook up in the kitchen. So whether you're needing some meal inspiration or you’re just looking to whip up something different, I highly recommend trying one of the following.

Here’s how I know this one is good: every time I bring it for lunch, everyone in the break-room asks what I am eating. And let me tell you, it tastes as good as it smells! If you tend to steer clear from the cafeteria-style sloppy joes, I don’t blame you, but these babies are nothing like what you would eat out of the can. The recipe is packed with so much flavor and it’s great for meal prep because you mix everything together and let it cook on the stove while all the goodness develops. I usually use ground turkey instead of beef and choose store-bought organic ketchup rather than making my own, and then I serve it over brown rice. It’s comforting and a win every time.

I’m a sucker for some good Chinese food and tend to crave it regularly. Take-out is great, but it’s not as nice on the wallet so I love this easy at-home teriyaki chicken. Let me emphasize easy; this is one of our favorite weeknight dinners because you really can throw it together in less than 30 minutes. I love the flavors in the sauce- not too sweet or overpowering. And, it totally satisfies that Chinese food hankering, for less money and probably fewer calories.

If I can figure out how to eat Italian food and not feel like a bloated whale, I am so in! That is exactly where these meatballs come in. They are backed with clean ingredients and still super delicious. My favorite part is that I make them with gluten-free oats (from Trader Joes) so they don’t require breadcrumbs. Also, they bake on a cookie sheet making clean up super easy. I love to make these ahead of time and eat them from lunch throughout the week. I usually pour store-bought marinara sauce over them and skip the pasta because the meatballs alone are already super filling. Pair them with a veggie and you have a comforting, clean Italian meal!

I went on the hunt for a tasty carne asada street taco recipe, because it’s one of my boyfriend and my favorite dishes. I honestly never considered cooking it myself, but I am glad I gave this recipe a try! The meat is packed with flavor and makes it the star of the meal. If you pre-chop the veggies, this recipe doesn’t take much time at all. I found the skirt steak at Trader Joes, and I mixed up a batch of margaritas to accompany the tacos Now we can’t stop making them!

I have never really been a stew fan- chewy meat with not much flavor… not my thing. However, the cooler weather inspired me to try this tasty crock-pot version. I encourage you to make this on Saturday or Sunday because it takes a bit of pre-work before everything goes into the crock-pot. But oh my god, it is so worth it! Once it’s done, you are left with the richest and most delicious stew that warms you to the core. We served it with hot french bread and eagerly ate the leftovers.

This is my go-to cookie recipe and they don’t last long. These snickerdoodles have a perfect consistency, not too doughy with just the right amount of chewiness. Think mall-bought snickerdoodles. And if baking intimidates you, have no fear, this recipe is super easy to make and you get to brag that they are homemade. Win-win!

Happy eating!


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